Big Changes

Tier 1

I have updated the website and continue to do so in my available time. The goal is that this website becomes a useful resource for both casual and competitive players alike. For the time being, this is a lot of work to do solo, but once the groundwork is layed, I feel like the upkeep should be significantly less work!

Let’s hope so!


Ushuah – Simple and Clean

Yay! Origins Content! Now admittedly, this will just be a place holder for an old video for sometime. My goal is to get back to this deck and update both the video and the post in the near future. For the time being… Please enjoy one of the most powerful and entertaining rulers in Origins!

Zero Hour, Nine AM.


So the dust has begun to settle on the battlefield as we look to the decks doing well across the globe. It is no surprise to many that Zero has been one of the most played decks this weekend. I myself ended up deciding to play Zero after not being able to play it the week prior due to forgetting the ruler at home. (Smooth, right?) Without further ado, I present to you my second draft of Zero.14520591_10210958239895451_8940493599899615007_n

As for the deck itself:

  • 4x Riza, First of the Dead
  • 4x Melder, Last of the Dead
  • 4x Executioner
  • 2x Underground Dragger
  • 4x Sorceress of Heavily Wind, Melfee
  • 3x Tama, Familiar of the Holy Wind
  • 4x Scorn of Dark Alice
  • 1x Black Moon Beam
  • 4x Glorious, the Silver Knight
  • 4x Zero’s Light Magic
  • 4x Seal of Wind and Light
  • 2x Horn of Sacred Beasts

As you can see, I’ve chosen the Stealth “package” rather than the Angel/Luci “package”. I’ve felt that with the top tier removal that New Frontiers is currently filled with, having instant speed resonators that could at least dodge chant-speed threats was a minor benefit. The larger benefit was that with the power of the Angel/Luci combo was detrimental for what I felt this deck wanted to do. Additionally, with lots of ramp-elves and Tama’s laying around, Luci loses a lot of power being untargeted removal. However depending on how the meta changes, moving to the Angel/Luci package could be a serious contender as the meta develops.

In MTG terms, Angel/Luci is part of a tap-out style of play, whereas Stealth resonators have the ability to be set and activated at opportune times. Thankfully we are not playing Origins, where a flip of Ushuah would leave my stand-by area in ruins! This allows us to set up for plays far ahead of time, and even play the mid game out of our hand, while setting up mid to late game plays that can quickly end the game.

Now some unique questions: Why two horns? I actually dropped a Tama, as at some points I felt that 4 was actually flooding me, and while the ability to sac for damage is useful, using my mana on them in the early game felt like it was pushing me in a direction I didn’t like. The 2nd Horn serves two purposes. First, increasing the chances of seeing one to slow down/prevent a Hook blow out on turn 3~4 by Shion players. We run 10 non-basics, and while that match up hurts a LOT… this can slightly help alleviate this issue (We are fine vs Angel/Luci). The other is that occasionally, tutoring for Underground Dragger, or more Melders with Riza in the late game is a solid way to clean up the game. I’ve burned through draggers and the ability to search being on the chase, popping a horn to shuffle my toys back into the deck to play again is always nice. I don’t seen Horn ever going out of “style” as a playable card.


I need to get FA ones sometime… Or they could always make a Promo version… and make everyone happy. 😀

Now the sideboard is far more… experimental.

  • 3x Barrier of Shadows
  • 2x Heavenly Gust
  • 1x Destructive Assult
  • 2x Interdimensional Escape
  • 2x Manifestation of Power
  • 3x Zero’s Familiar
  • 2x Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table

Sideboard is still up in the air at the moment. Obviously Arthur is baws if they your opponent is not running blue (Bear magic makes Arthur a joke.) Manifestation of power was a remnant of the Angel build, but I found that it is strong as well due to its flexibility. Escape is strong with owl for the J-ruler beatdown plan, but maybe putting some Laev’s in would be a decent tech, as I usually judgement, if at all,later in the game. This is far more experimental than tried and true. The only main stays are absolutely the barriers of shadow. People just loveeeeeeee their regalia and judgmenting… Gotta slow that non-sense down.

For now, keep brewing!


Next Up will be a couple variations of Mikage!

Hello World!

Hello everyone~


I’m creating this website in an attempt at accomplish three things. The first is to educate the player base of a game I greatly enjoy, Force of Will, and the second being to open lines of discussion with the community about the game as a whole.

The last goal is to create a hub of information not just about the technical aspects of the game, but to be a place to share deck ideas, rants, ravings, and whatever else comes up with regards to the FoW community.

With that being said, please enjoy~